DEREK BAILEY / Solo Guitar Volume 1 (2LP)

  • DEREK BAILEY / Solo Guitar Volume 1 (2LP)
DEREK BAILEY の名作 "Solo Guitar Volume 1" 2枚組アナログで再発!!デレク・ベイリーが1972年に "Incus" より発表した名盤が "Honest Jon’s Records" の記念すべき200番としてアナログ2枚組みにて再発。今回の再発盤には "Improvisation: York, 24.2.1972" が新たに追加されています。

Recorded in 1971, Solo Guitar Volume 1 was Bailey’s first solo album. Its cover is an iconic montage of photos taken in the guitar shop where he worked. He and the photographer piled up the instruments whilst the proprietor was at lunch, with Bailey promptly sacked on his return.
The LP was issued in two versions over the years — Incus 2 and 2R — with different groupings of free improvisations paired with Bailey’s performances of notated pieces by his friends Misha Mengelberg, Gavin Bryars and Willem Breuker.
All this music is here, plus a superb solo performance at York University in 1972; a welcome shock at the end of an evening of notated music. It’s a striking demonstration of the way Bailey rewrote the language of the guitar with endless inventiveness, intelligence and wit.


01. Improvisation 4 / 02. Improvisation 5 / 03. Improvisation 6 / 04. Improvisation 7 / 05. Where Is The Police? / 06. Christiani Eddy / 07. The Squirrel And The Ricketty-Racketty Bridge / 08. Improvisation 3 / 09. Improvisation 8 / 10. Improvisation 9 / 11. Improvisation 10 / 12. Improvisation 11 / 13. Improvisation 12 / 14. Improvisation: York, 24.2.1972
Label / cat no. Honest Jon’s Records (HJRLP200)
販売価格 3,690円(税込)



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